Physical chemical properties of various actins

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Reference Pollard TD, Weihing RR. Actin and myosin and cell movement. CRC Crit Rev Biochem. 1974 Jan2(1):1-65. p.6 table 1PubMed ID4273099
Comments "Published molecular weights are cited except for actin from Acanthamoeba and cow and pig platelets, which are assigned the molecular weight 45,000 daltons because they coelectrophorese with rabbit actin. The reduced viscosity of Acanthamoeba actin was presented in Table 1 of Reference 44 the other reduced viscosities were calculated from the highest measurements of viscosity shown in the respective references. The data for content of nucleotide and NT-methylhistidine were normalized to the molecular weight 45,000 daltons using data given in the respective references."
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