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Organism Plants
Reference Slaton MR, Smith WK (2002) Mesophyll Architecture and Cell Exposure to Intercellular Air Space in Alpine, Desert, and Forest Species. Int J Plant Sci 163: 937–948 DOI: 10.1086/342517 Stable URL: link pp.938-939 table 1
Method "A total of 56 species from 21 families were measured from five study sites representing alpine, mixed deciduous forest, and desert communities (table 1). Communities with contrasting physical environments were chosen so that a diversity in leaf form and phylogeny would be represented. The three alpine sites were located in the Medicine Bow Mountains of southeastern Wyoming (41°20'N, 106°19'W elevation 3335–3444 m): (1) an alpine meadow site that was adjacent to a lake and had relatively wet soil, (2) an adjacent slope site on a steep grade with wet soil from a late-lying snowbed above the collection area, and (3) a ridge site at the top of a steep grade on an exposed ridge top that had dry, rocky soil (Oberbauer and Billings 1981 for a detailed site description)."
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