Na+ permeability of vesicular lecithin bilayers at 25˚C

Range (2.1±0.6)X10^-13 Table - link cm/sec
Organism Generic
Reference Brunner J, Graham DE, Hauser H, Semenza G. Ion and sugar permeabilities of lecithin bilayers: comparison of curved and planar bilayers. J Membr Biol. 1980 Dec 15 57(2):133-41. abstract & p.136 table 1PubMed ID7193741
Method "The efflux and influx of Na+ were measured with both types of vesicles at different temperatures and the data were analyzed according to Eqs. (1-4) (see Materials and Methods)."
Comments "In Fig. 2a the Na+ influx measurements at three different temperatures are plotted according to Eq. (4). From the slope of the straight lines k is obtained which is related to the flux M and the permeability coefficient P by Eq.(5) The permeability coefficients thus derived are summarized in Table 1. Within the error of the measurement the Na+ permeabilities determined with the two different types of vesicle preparations (methods I and II) are in good agreement. Furthermore the permeability coefficient of Na+ derived from efflux measurements agrees within the experimental error with that derived from influx measurements (Table 1)."
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