Estimates of minimum net photon yield of processes converting one mole of extracellular (bulk medium) inorganic carbon into one mol of carbon in carbohydrate

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Organism Plants
Reference Raven, J. a, Beardall, J., & Giordano, M. (2014). Energy costs of carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms in aquatic organisms. Photosynthesis Research, 121(2-3), 111–24. doi:10.1007/s11120-013-9962-7 p.114 table 2PubMed ID24390639
Comments "Table 2 shows values as low as 7.79–9.6 photons per carbon assimilated for two microalgae (both diatoms) examined in great detail, and 8.4 for the macroalgae expressing CCMs [carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism]."
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