In vitro determination of the effect of coconut water (CNW) or physiological saline (PS) on the TEG parameters

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Pummer S, Heil P, Maleck W, Petroianu G. Influence of coconut water on hemostasis. Am J Emerg Med. 2001 Jul19(4):287-9. p.288 table 1PubMed ID11447514
Method "Thrombelastography (TEG) enables a global assessment of hemostatic function to be obtained from a single blood sample, documenting the interaction of platelets with the protein coagulation cascade from the time of the initial platelet-fibrin interaction, through platelet aggregation, clot strengthening, and fibrin cross-linkage to eventual clot lysis in a global and functional coagulation test."
Comments "Abbreviations: SP, split point, the distance from recording start to the first sign of divergence. R, reaction time, the interval between recording start and the time at which the amplitude of the TEG reaches 2 mm it represents the rate of thromboplastin generation and reflects the function of the intrinsic coagulation system K, kinetic time, the time from R to a level of clot firmness of 20 mm. The coagulation time (R+K) reflects the function of the intrinsic system, platelets and fibrinogen MA, maximum amplitude, represents the largest amplitude reached and is a function of the elasticity of the blood clot."
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