Cell turnover time in cornea of eye

Range ~7 days
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Snyder WS, Cook MJ, Nasset ES, Karhausen LR, Howells GP, Tipton IH. Report of the Task Group on Reference Man. Oxford, United Kingdom: Pergamon Press, 1975. International commission on radiological protection, ICRP Publication 23, link p.222 bottom sentence
Primary Source [66] Bertalanffy, Felix D., Tritiated thymidine versus colchieine technique in the study of cell popntation cytodynamics, Lab. Invest. 13, 871-886 (1964)., p. 879 [359] Hanna, Calvin, Donald S. Bicknell, and James E. O'brien, Cell turnover in the adult human eye, AMA Arch. Ophthal. 65, 695-698 (1961)., p. 697PubMed ID14205090, 13711260
Comments P.221 heading 5: "The cornea is the transparent structure forming the anterior part of the external tunic of the eye which permits rays of light to enter (ref. 92, Bloom, William, and Don W. Fawcett, A Textbook of Histology, 9th edition, W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia and London, 1968., p. 776)."
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