Microbial community genome size

Range in unperturbed organic soils 6,000-10,000: in arable or heavymetal-polluted soils 350-1,500 Escherichia coli genomes
Organism prokaryote
Reference Torsvik V, Øvreås L. Microbial diversity and function in soil: from genes to ecosystems. Curr Opin Microbiol. 2002 Jun5(3):240-5. p.240 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID12057676
Primary Source Torsvik V, Daae FL, Sandaa R-A, Øvreås L: Novel techniques for analysing microbial diversity in natural and perturbed environments. J Biotech 1998, 64 :53-62. & Øvreås L: Population and community level approaches for analysing microbial diversity in natural environments. Ecol Letts 2000, 3: 236-251.PubMed ID9823658
Comments "The genetic complexity or genome size of microbial community genomes can be assessed by re-association of community DNA. Such broad-scale analysis has revealed [primary sources] that the community genome size equals the size of 6,000–10,000 Escherichia coli genomes in unperturbed organic soils, and 350–1,500 genomes in arable or heavymetal-polluted soils. These values may be conservative, as genomes representing rare and unrecovered microorganisms are probably not included in the analysis."
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