Interleukin-2 Receptor alpha expression level

Value 150 receptors/cell
Organism Monkey Gibbon spp.
Reference Ben Aribia MH, Moiré N, Métivier D, Vaquero C, Lantz O, Olive D, Charpentier B, Senik A. IL-2 receptors on circulating natural killer cells and T lymphocytes. Similarity in number and affinity but difference in transmission of the proliferation signal. J Immunol. 1989 Jan 15 142(2):490-9. p.493 right columnPubMed ID2783438
Method Abstract: "IL-2-binding sites expressed on purified circulating NK cells and high density T lymphocytes were enumerated in 125I-IL-2 binding assays and analyzed by autoradiography after chemical cross-linking of IL-2 to the cells."
Comments P.493 right column: "In the course of five or six different experiments (summarized in Table I), [investigators] found repeatedly that both types of cells expressed the same numbers of Tac+ high affinity IL-2R (≈150/cell) and Tac- intermediate IL-2R in an isolated form (≈540/ cell) (values accounting for the whole cell populations)."
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