Concentration of free profilin-actin (unspecified organism)

Range 5 to 40 μM
Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Dominguez R, Holmes KC. Actin structure and function. Annu Rev Biophys. 2011 40 :169-86. doi: 10.1146/annurev-biophys-042910-155359. p.174 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID21314430
Primary Source Pollard TD, Borisy GG. Cellular motility driven by assembly and disassembly of actin filaments. Cell. 2003 Feb 21 112(4):453-65.PubMed ID12600310
Comments "Whereas free ATP-actin is present in low amounts (0.1–1 µM) and Tß4-actin is polymerization incompetent, profilin-actin (present at an intracellular concentration of 5–40 µM) constitutes the main source of actin monomers for polymerization (primary source)."
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