Mean angular retardation of light

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Organism Bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii
Reference K.F. A. Ross, The Size of Living Bacteria, December 1957 Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science s3-98, 435-454. p.445 table I
Method "...[in] the first method, the mean refractive index of the bacilli was measured by immersion refractometry, and the mean phase-retardation through their mid-line was obtained from phase-change measurements on the bacilli mounted in dilute saline. Their mean thickness was calculated from these values. With the second method, phase-change measurements were made on the bacilli mounted in protein mounting media as well as in saline, and the two sets of measurements were used to obtain values for their mean thickness."
Comments "Table 1 shows the values for the mean retardation in each culture (Ø1) and the mean thickness (t1) calculated from these. It will be seen that they vary by a maximum of o.1µm.(i.e. from 1.13µm. in cultures 6 and 8 to 1.23µm in cultures 2 and 12)."
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