Correlation coefficients calculated for different dependences between Vm and the adenosinephosphatase level in the system

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Reference Matveev et al., Effect of the ATP level on the overall protein biosynthesis rate in a wheat germ cell-free system. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1996 Apr 16 1293(2):207-12. p.210 table 1PubMed ID8620031
Method "Nucleotide levels throughout protein synthesis were assessed by HPLC analysis on a reverse-phase column in an ion-pair exchange regime."
Comments Vm=maximal rate of translation. "The best linear correlations are observed between lnVm and the ratio ATP0/ATP(t) on the one hand, and lnVm and the ratio ADP(t)/ATP(t) on the other hand, (Table 1), (ATP0 represents the initial ATP concentration in the translation mixture, or ATP0=ATP(t)+ADP(t)+AMP(t) at any moment of time of the incubation process)."
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