Enzyme concentration in mitochondrial matrix

Value 27 %
Organism Pigeon Columba livia
Reference Srere, P.A. 1980. The infrastructure of the mitochondrial matrix. Trends Biochem. Sci. 5:120–121. p.120 middle column top paragraph
Primary Source Landriscina C, Papa S, Coratelli P, Mazzarella L, Quagliariello E. Enzymatic activities of the matrix and inner membrane of pigeon-liver mitochondria. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1970 205(2):136-47.PubMed ID4316093
Method "Pigeon-liver mitochondria were fractionated by a modification of the method of Sottocasa et al. (ref 5 of primary source). The various fractions obtained were examined by electron microscopy."
Comments "a value of 27 weight %* [primary source] has been reported for pigeon-liver mitochondria." *"The protein content of the matrix is based on the ratio of the specific activity of a matrix enzyme of whole mitochondria compared to its specific activity in isolated matrix fraction."
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