Cell volume

Value 0.02 μm^3
Organism Bacteria Spiroplasma melliferum
Reference Dame and Dorman, editors, Bacterial chromatin, Springer, 2010 CL Woldringh, chapter 5 p.75 caption of figure 5.2.e
Comments P.75 caption of figure 5.2.e: "Spiroplasma melliferum (cell volume 0.02 µm^3 DNA concentration 0.052 g/mL cell volume)" P.74 bottom paragraph: "The comparison of cell and nucleoid sizes of these different bacteria (Fig. 5.2b–e) shows that nucleoid segregation in the small cells of Bdellovibrio and Spiroplasma takes place over a distance equal to the diameter of a fast-growing E. coli cell. In the three cell types of Fig.5.2c–e, the DNA concentration increases about five-fold. It remains a question whether the absence of a visible nucleoid in the small cell of Spiroplasma (Fig.5.2e) can be ascribed to its high DNA concentration (see legend Fig.5.2) or to an effect of the cryo-fixation procedure."
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