Metabolic fluxes in developing embryos

Range Table - link nmol molecule/h/embryo
Organism Sunflower Helianthus annuus
Reference Alonso AP, Goffman FD, Ohlrogge JB, Shachar-Hill Y. Carbon conversion efficiency and central metabolic fluxes in developing sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) embryos. Plant J. 2007 Oct52(2):296-308 p.303 table 1PubMed ID17683473
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Comments "Flux values quantified by biomass composition and quantification (Vfas2, Vsuc1, Vglc, Vfas1, Vwall and Vsta), as well as Vres calculated according to the method described by Alonso et al. (2005), were included as measurements in the 13C-FLUX model and set as free parameters. The optimization program used was Donlp2, with over 2000 different starting points. The best fit, which was also the most commonly optimized values (69% of the fits) for the fluxes, is presented in Figure 5 and Table 1."
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