Level of nucleotides, nucleotide sugars, glycolytic intermediates, lactate, soluble sugars, and free amino acids in broad bean embryos

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Organism Broadbean Vicia faba
Reference Rolletschek H, Weber H, Borisjuk L. Energy status and its control on embryogenesis of legumes. Embryo photosynthesis contributes to oxygen supply and is coupled to biosynthetic fluxes. Plant Physiol. 2003 Jul132(3):1196-206. p.1202 table IPubMed ID12857802
Comments "Changing O2 concentrations upon light/dark transitions are neither reflected at the level of ATP and AEC (Adenylate Energy Charge, Borisjuk et al., unpublished results) nor on the level of several other metabolites—both remain remarkably stable (Table I)."
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