Lateral diffusion coefficient of DMPC in bilayer at 30°C

Value 5 µm^2/sec
Organism Generic
Reference Marchal D, Boireau W, Laval JM, Moiroux J, Bourdillon C. Electrochemical measurement of lateral diffusion coefficients of ubiquinones and plastoquinones of various isoprenoid chain lengths incorporated in model bilayers. Biophys J. 1998 Apr74(4):1937-48. p.1943 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID9545054
Primary Source Torchut E, Laval JM, Bourdillon C, Majda M. Electrochemical measurements of the lateral diffusion of electroactive amphiphiles in supported phospholipid monolayers. Biophys J. 1994 Mar66(3 Pt 1):753-62.PubMed ID8011907
Method (Primary source abstract:) Chronocoulometry was used to characterize the fluidity and lateral diffusion coefficient of supported phospholipid bilayer assemblies
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