Fraction of carbon content that is chlorophyll during exponential growth

Value 3.03 % Range: 1.22 to 6.08 %
Organism Phytoplankton
Reference Bo Riemann, Peter Simonsen and Lars Stensgaard, The carbon and chlorophyll content of phytoplankton from various nutrient regimes, Journal of Plankton Research Vol.11 no.5 pp.1037-1045, 1989 p.1038 paragraph above bottom paragraph
Method Triplicate volumes of algal suspensions were filtered through 25 mm precombusted GF/C filters. Prior to analysis, filters were dried in a dessicator over P2O5, combusted at 770°C and analysed in a Perkin Elmer CHN analyser
Comments In 4 cultures of algae and 1 diatom
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