Carbon/volume ratio for native marine bacteria and cultured bacteria (E. coli & V. natriegens)

Range 32-78 native marine: 67-160 cultured Table - link fg/μm^3
Organism bacteria
Reference Fagerbakke KM, Norland S, Heldal M (1999) The inorganic ion content of native aquatic bacteria. Can J Microbiol 45: 304–311. p.307 left column 4th paragraph and table 2PubMed ID10420582
Method By using X-ray microanalysis combined with TEM (transmission electron microscopy), the cellular content of major elements, except hydrogen, can be measured in single cells.
Comments fg=femtogram=10^-15 gram. For some reason value of 103±9fg/µm^3 from table isn't included in native marine bacteria range.
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