Overall composition of an average E. coli cell conditions of growth unknown

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Moselio Schaechter, John L. Ingraham, Frederick C. Neidhardt, Microbe, 2006 ASM Press 1 edition p.76 table 5.3
Comments P.76 2nd paragraph: "Based on analysis of microbial structure (see Chapters 2 & 3), one can list the chemical compositions of the major cellular structures: proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids, plus hybrids of these, such as lipoproteins, lipopolysaccharides, and murein (Table 5.3 & Fig. 5.2). The quantities of these macromolecular components, all of which must be made de novo rather than acquired from the environment, vary among different bacteria and under different growth conditions. Table 5.3 summarizes approximate values for one strain of E. coli growing in one well-defined environment. (Note: here, and occasionally elsewhere, [investigators] use specific data from E. coli, not because it is more important than other bacteria, but simply because more is known about it.) These values differ significantly from microbe to microbe-the Archaea, to cite an extreme example, lack murein." Better ref needed. See BNID 104954
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