Diameter of vesicles produced by dictyosomes

Range 0.07 epidermal cells: 0.2 pollen tubes: 0.4 root cap cells µm
Organism Plants
Reference Steer, M. W. 1988. Plasma membrane turnover in plant cells.—J. exp. Bot. 39: 987–996. p.988 3rd paragraph doi: 10.1093/jxb/39.8.987
Primary Source 1) G. D. Phillips, C. Preshaw and M. W. Steer, Dictyosome vesicle production and plasma membrane turnover in auxin-stimulated outer epidermal cells of coleoptile segments from Avena sativa (L.) Protoplasma, 1988, Volume 145, Number 1, Pages 59-65 (2) Picton JM, Steer MW. Determination of secretory vesicle production rates by dictyosomes in pollen tubes of Tradescantia using cytochalasin D. J Cell Sci. 1981 Jun49: 261-72. (3) Shannon and Steer, M. W., 1984. The root cap as a test system for the evaluation of Golgi inhibitors. I. Structure and dynamics of the secretory system and response to solvents. Journal of Experimental Botany, 35, 1697-707.PubMed ID7309807
Comments primary source PMID is for the 2nd primary ref. Membrane productivities per unit volume of dictyosome are 0.65µm^2 membrane/(µm^3×min) in root cap cells 1.8µm^2 membrane/(µm^3×min) in epidermal cells and 3.6µm^2 membrane/(µm^3×min) in pollen tubes. See BNID 105776
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