Increase in CO2 concentration at the site of Rubisco carboxylation in the bundle sheath compared to air in C4 plants

Range 10-100 Fold
Organism Plants
Reference Hendrickson L, Sharwood R, Ludwig M, Whitney SM, Badger MR, von Caemmerer S. The effects of Rubisco activase on C4 photosynthesis and metabolism at high temperature. J Exp Bot. 2008 59(7):1789-98 p.1790 left column top paragraphPubMed ID18375609
Primary Source Furbank RT, Hatch MD. Mechanism of c(4) photosynthesis: the size and composition of the inorganic carbon pool in bundle sheath cells. Plant Physiol. 1987 Dec85(4):958-64. AND Jenkins CL, Furbank RT, Hatch MD. Inorganic Carbon Diffusion between C(4) Mesophyll and Bundle Sheath Cells: Direct Bundle Sheath CO(2) Assimilation in Intact Leaves in the Presence of an Inhibitor of the C(4) Pathway. Plant Physiol. 1989 Dec91(4):1356-63.PubMed ID16665838, 16667186
Comments The C4 photosynthetic pathway is a biochemical CO2 concentrating mechanism that provides elevated CO2 partial pressure, between 10–100-fold greater than in air, at the site of Rubisco carboxylation in the bundle sheath (primary sources). See BNID 106094
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