Lipid and protein content of cells grown at 30 and 12°C

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Organism Green algae Dunaliella salina
Reference Lynch DV, Thompson GA. Low Temperature-Induced Alterations in the Chloroplast and Microsomal Membranes of Dunaliella salina. Plant Physiol. 1982 Jun69(6):1369-75. p. 1370 right column table IPubMed ID16662406
Method Cultures were grown on synthetic medium (see p. 1369) under continuous light (50 µE/m^2/sec) in 1-L Erlenmeyer flasks containing 500 ml medium bubbled with 0.5% C02-enriched air at either 30 or 12°C. Cell population density was measured using a Coulter Counter model ZB. Lipids were extracted from whole cells and cell fractions using the procedure of Bligh and Dyer 1959, PMID 13671378.
Comments GL=glycolipid. The GL content of 12°C-grown cells was 20% greater than that of 30°C-grown cells (Table link). This is in close agreement with the 22% increase in chloroplast membrane as determined by morphometry (Fig. 2B, p. 1371).
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