Area of a male C. elegans worm

Range 42300-46300 µm^2
Organism Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Reference Van Voorhies, Wayne A.Bergmann Size Clines: A Simple Explanation for Their Occurrence in Ectotherms.Evolution. 1996 Jun 50(3). 1259-1264. p. 1260 left column
Method Using a Zeiss compound microscope equipped with Nomarski optics and a Cohu video camera researcher downloaded an image of the worm to a Macintosh computer. Projected area was measured twice for each worm and the average recorded as worm area using a digital image analysis program (NIH Image 1.41). Measurement validity was checked by having different investigators independently measure worm and cell size without knowledge of the temperature at which the organisms had been reared.
Comments Average area of male worms reared at 25°C was 42.3×10^3 µm^2, s=1.7, mean area of 10°C males was 46.3×10^3 µm^2, s=3.1. Average area of 10°C males is significantly greater than the area of 25°C males (t=5.1, P<0.0001, df=37). C. elegans has two sexes: hermaphrodites and males. Individuals are almost all hermaphrodite, with males comprising just 0.05% of the total population on average (wiki).
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