Measured fluxes of metabolic steps in E. coli grown on acetate

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Walsh K, Koshland DE Jr. Determination of flux through the branch point of two metabolic cycles. The tricarboxylic acid cycle and the glyoxylate shunt. J Biol Chem. 1984 Aug 10 259(15):9646-54.PubMed ID6378912
Method Values in table are: Rate of radioactive acetate incorporation into saponified, chloroform-soluble constituents (expressed in acetate units). Rate of appearance of radioactive citrate in the medium in cells ingesting radioactive acetate. Total rate of radioactive acetate incorporation into cellular constituents determined by counting of filtered washed cells (expressed in acetate units). Rate of 14CO2 production from radioactive acetate. Rate of radioactive metabolite efflux (other than acetate) into the medium (expressed in acetate units). Ratio of rates through isocitrate dehydrogenase vs. isocitrate lyase determined from NMR and the 14C02 results.
Comments See fig. 1 in article. 23559 (Met-) strain
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