Kcat of RuBisCo for carbon dioxide

Value 3.8 sec^-1 Range: ±0.1 sec^-1
Organism Wheat Triticum aestivum
Reference Cousins AB, Ghannoum O, VON Caemmerer S, Badger MR. Simultaneous determination of Rubisco carboxylase and oxygenase kinetic parameters in Triticum aestivum and Zea mays using membrane inlet mass spectrometry. Plant Cell Environ. 2010 (33) 3, pp. 444-452 Table - link PubMed ID20002330
Method a membrane inlet mass spectrometer method for simultaneously determining Kc, Ko, kcatCO2, kcatO2 and Sc/o of Rubisco.
Comments The kinetic parameters for T. aestivum and Z. mays determined with the membrane inlet mass spectrometer system and from previous publications. Current measurements were made at 25 °C and pH of 7.95. See BNID 105236
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