Number of of OmpR molecules per cell

Value 3523 Copies/cell Range: 3037-4628 Copies/cell
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Cai SJ, Inouye M. EnvZ-OmpR interaction and osmoregulation in Escherichia coli. J Biol Chem. 2002 Jul 5 277(27):24155-61 p.24156 Table IPubMed ID11973328
Method The level of OmpR in the wild-type strain MC4100 grown in L-broth medium in mid-log phase was determined by quantitative Western blot analysis. Densitometric analysis of the OmpR standards was plotted in Fig. 1B. The amount of OmpR was calculated from the standard curve. The cellular OmpR in the lysates migrated at the same position as that of purified OmpR in SDS-PAGE while no band was detected at this position in the control (ompB-) strain AR137. Two other protein bands cross-reacted with OmpR antiserum in MC4100 cells. As these bands were also observed in the negative control AR137, they were not related to OmpR. The results from this analysis show that the MC4100 strain contains ~3500 molecules of OmpR per cell.
Comments values are average and range for MC4100 grown in L-broth, table I. The research results confirmed that the cellular OmpR level of the cells grown under high osmolarity was significantly higher (~1.7-fold) than that of the cells grown in low osmolarity (2043 copies/cell, average of 3 cultures in nutrient broth (Table III)). It should be noted that the amount of OmpR in MC4100 grown in high osmolarity, L-broth medium and NB + 20% sucrose, were about the same, that is ~3500 molecules per cell: (3523 copies/cell, average of 3 cultures in L-broth (Table I)) and (3525 copies/cell, average of 3 cultures in nutrient broth+20% sucrose (Table II)). See BNID 105110,105111
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