Concentration of lactose in milk of domesticated mammals

Range 3.0-6.9 Table - link g/dl
Organism Mammals
Reference Brenda P. Alston-Mills, Comparative Analysis of Milks Used for Human Consumption, in Handbook of Milk Composition\ R.G. Jensen, Academic Press, 1995 pp. 830
Primary Source Jennes, R (1974) The composition of milk. In "Lactation" (B. L. Larson and V. R. Smith, eds.), Vol. Ill, pp. 3-107. Academic Press, New York. and Oftedal (1984) in "Lactation strategies" Symp. Zool. Soc. London
Comments See table link for concentration in various mammals. Range from 3.0 g/decilitre in moose (Alces alces) to 6.9 g/dl in horse (Equus calabus)
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