Cell Surface area in exponential phase

Value 4.42 µm^2 Range: Table - link µm^2
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Prats R, de Pedro MA. Normal growth and division of Escherichia coli with a reduced amount of murein. J Bacteriol. 1989 Jul171(7):3740-5. p.3742 Table 1PubMed ID2500418
Method P.3742 right column 3rd paragraph: "A change in the amount of murein per cell could be brought about either by changing cell dimensions to adopt a shape with a lower surface/volume ratio or by reducing the amount of murein per unit of surface area. To decide between these alternatives, the dimensions of cells from exponential and stationary phase cultures grown at high (40 µg/ml) and low (1.4 µg/ml) concentrations of DL-meso-diaminopimelic acid (DAP) were measured to calculate the mean values for surface area per cell and volume per cell (Table 1). As expected from results already published (refs 6, 17), both cell surface and volume were smaller in stationary phase than in exponentially growing cells at either concentration of DAP."
Comments P.3743 right column 3rd paragraph: "Measurements of the cell dimensions in selected samples indicated that prolonged growth under DAP limitation did not affect mean cell surface area or mean cell volume, whereas stationary-phase cells became smaller than exponential ones in the static culture as expected (Table 1). In fact, this reduction in size could account for the difference in the final levels of murein content per cell between the two cultures." A range of sizes 3.8-4.42 µm^2 is given in table. See BNID 101792
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