Average concentration of a protein in cell

Value 1 µM Range: 0.4-1.4 µM
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Calculated according to cell volume and average protein copy number, please see Measurement Method
Method Calculated manually from 2 sources: (1)[Ghaemmaghami et al PMID 14562106, BNID 101845] Average protein copy number is ~12100 (column C in table). Dividing by Avogadro's number and cell volume (50µm^3=5e-14 liter BNID 100 430,100452). ~12100/6e23mol^-1/5e-14liter ~ 0.4µM. (2) BNID 104245. Column W in Table-http://bionumbers.hms.harvard.edu/files/Yeast%20proteins%20abundance%20data.xls. Average protein copy number is 41000. A similar calculation gives concentration of 1.4µM.
Comments (To Ghaemmaghami et al PMID 14562106) Table gives more than 3000 protein levels. This table is the Supplemental Data from the reference. The proteins are ordered by gene name, but could be sorted based on abundance using the function on Excel. It is also possible to search for protein abundance by gene name at the yeastgfp site (BNID 100600). Note-Wagner (2005) gives median protein abundance of 2460 copies/cell (BNID 100208). Using this value in a similar calculation as in Measurement method one arrives at concentration of 8.2e-8M=~0.1µM. See BNID 105247 for concentration of 36nM.
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