Cell cycle period for wt haploid mother cell grown in glycerol-ethanol

Value 133 min Range: ±2 Table - link min
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Di Talia S, Skotheim JM, Bean JM, Siggia ED, Cross FR. The effects of molecular noise and size control on variability in the budding yeast cell cycle. Nature. 2007 Aug 23448(7156):947-51 Supplementary table 6PubMed ID17713537
Method Researchers measured times from cytokinesis to budding (G1) and from budding to cytokinesis in haploids, diploids or tetraploids (mothers and daughters), using time-lapse fluorescence microscopy of strains expressing Myo1 tagged with green fluorescent protein (Myo1–GFP).
Comments Number of observations is 84. The table shows the mean +/- standard error of the mean in minutes with the number of observations reported in parenthesis.
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