Terminal velocity of Budding yeast "free falling" in water - a theoretical estimate

Value 1 µm/sec Range: equivalent to ~3 hours to fall 1 cm µm/sec
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Calculation analogous to the one given in "Random walks in biology" Howard Berg, Princeton University Press, 1993 pp.62
Method uses the equation v=mg/6*pi*eta*R, where v is the terminal velocity, eta is the viscosity, m is the effective mass after subtracting the effect of bouyancy by subtracting the volume * density of water.
Comments Assumes the cell is a sphere of radius 2 micron and density 1.1 (BNID 103876). Viscosity of water 0.001 Pascal*Sec. Please comment if you know of experimental values in the literature
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ID 103872