Diameter of bacteriorhodopsin

Value 4.3 nm Range: ±0.5 nm
Organism Bacteria halobacterium halobium
Reference Peters R, Cherry RJ. Lateral and rotational diffusion of bacteriorhodopsin in lipid bilayers: experimental test of the Saffman-Delbrück equations. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1982 Jul79(14):4317-21.PubMed ID6956861
Method Isolation and Labeling of BR-Reconstitution of Small Vesicles. Preparation of Large Multilamellar Vesicles.Determination of Diffusion Coefficients. Fitting rotational and lateral diffusion constants into Saffman and Delbruck equations. see equations 1,2,3 pp. 4319
Comments Average of values in varying phospholipid/protein ratios table 2
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