Fraction of cell volume that is vacuole

Range 80-90 %
Organism Plants
Reference Martin JB, Bligny R, Rebeille F, Douce R, Leguay JJ, Mathieu Y, Guern J. A P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Intracellular pH of Plant Cells Cultivated in Liquid Medium. Plant Physiol. 1982 Oct70(4):1156-1161.PubMed ID16662631
Method Acer pseudoplatanus cells were cultivated in 20-L batches or in small batches (0.8 L) Spectra were obtained in a WM 250 Brucker spectrometer operating at 101.27 MHz, usually with 520 pulses with an acquisition time of 1.36 s, and data were stored every 396 scans. solution was 100 mm KCI, 1 mm CaCl2, and 1 mM MgCl2. G6P calculated on a fresh weight basis, assuming a random distribution inside the cell
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