Number of neurons and glial cells in male neocortex

Value 6.52e+10 cells
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Pelvig DP, Pakkenberg H, Stark AK, Pakkenberg B. Neocortical glial cell numbers in human brains. Neurobiol Aging. 2008 Nov29(11):1754-62.PubMed ID17544173
Method The tissue was embedded in paraffin wax. Four-micrometer-thick sections were cut from all blocks for H&E stains, and for immunohistochemistry in selected areas.
Comments Of these 26.3 billion neurons and 38.9 billion glial cells. For 10^12 glia cells in brain see Vickaryous et al., 2006 PMID 16790079 p.431 right column 3rd paragraph
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