Flap endonuclease (FEN) turnover rate

Value 106 min^-1
Organism Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus
Reference Allen LM, Hodskinson MR, Sayers JR. Active site substitutions delineate distinct classes of eubacterial flap endonuclease. Biochem J. 2008 Nov 11. link PubMed ID19000038
Method Using a standard spectrophotometric assay, we quantified the exonucleolytic activity. the specific activity for T5FEN, calculated in a previous study (610 units µg-1) [29] was similar to that reported here (420±10 units µg-1), The specific activity of SaFEN (90±5 units µg-1) was approximately fivefold lower than that of T5FEN, equivalent to a turnover rate of 106 min -1.
Comments the activity of E. coli FEN is approximately three-fold less. see bion 102587
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