Solvent-excluded Volume of 50S subunit of ribosome

Value 1396 nm^3
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Neil R. Voss. 2006 'Geometric Studies of RNA and Ribosomes, and Ribosome Crystallization' pp. 90 table 3.3 link - link
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Method Using Voronoi volume calculations on RNA crystal structures, a self-consistent, universal set of atomic volumes was obtained. The atomic volumes obtained from this analysis are consistent across different RNA structures and packing environments.
Comments The solvent excluded volume is obtained by subtracting solvent volume from shell volume. This experimental value (0.592 mL/g) compares reasonably well with the value implied by solvent-excluded surface (0.627 mL/g) considering no effort was made to address the net charge of the molecule or electrostriction effects of the solvent on this calculation. See BNID 102508 for solvent excluded volumes of ribosomal RNA and protein
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