Length of major bundle of microtubules

Value 4.97 µm Range: ±1.39 µm
Organism Fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Reference Höög JL, Schwartz C, Noon AT, O'Toole ET, Mastronarde DN, McIntosh JR, Antony C. Organization of interphase microtubules in fission yeast analyzed by electron tomography. Dev Cell. 2007 Mar12(3):349-61. p.350 right column 4th paragraph & Supplemental data Table S1PubMed ID17336902
Method P.350 left column bottom paragraph: "[Investigators] cryoimmobilized cells in log-phase growth by high-pressure freezing and then fixed them by freeze substitution and embedded them in acrylic resin. Plastic embedded cells were sectioned into 250 nm thick slices from which tilt series were acquired (±60°–65°, 1.5° increment). Large volumes were reconstructed by tomography on 17 different wild-type cells, one of these was reconstructed completely. Using the 3D imaging capabilities of ET [Electron tomography], [they] tracked the MTs [microtubules] through serial sections and measured their lengths. Short interphase cells (7–9 μm, pre-“new end take-off”) were chosen to exclude the cells that could have been preparing for mitosis."
Comments P.350 right column 4th paragraph: "Average±SD length of a MT [microtubule] bundle was 4.97±1.39 µm (Table S1). In the region around the nucleus, bundles contained several MTs, consistent with this region being the iMTOC (interphase MicroTubule Organizing Centers) region. However, only a few single MTs extended from this region toward the cell ends. This organization was characteristic of larger bundles (Figures 1B and 1C and Movie S2)." This corresponds to 68±20% of cell length (average±SD)
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