Maximum population size in human colon

Value 1e+9 cells per gram
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Michael A. Savageau, 1983, Escherichia coli Habitats, Cell Types, and Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Control, The American Naturalist, Vol. 122, No. 6, (Dec., 1983), p. 733 2nd paragraph
Primary Source Cooke EM, 1974. Escherichia coli and man. Churchill Livingstone, London AND Geldreich, E. E. 1976. Fecal coliform and fecal streptococcus density relationships in waste discharges and receiving waters. Crit. Rev. Environ. Control 6: 349-369
Comments "...maintain a stable population, which in humans is normally about 10^6 cells per gram of colon contents (Smith 1965) but may be as high as 10^9 (primary sources)."
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