Concentration of intracellular ionized Mg2+ in skeletal muscle

Value 557 µmol/L Range: ±97 µmol/L
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Ryschon, T. et al. Relationship between skeletal muscle intracellular ionized magnesium and measurements of blood magnesium. 1996. J Lab Clin Med. 127(2): pp. 207-213. abstract & p.210 table IIPubMed ID8636650
Method 31P-magnetic resonance
Comments "Mg measurements for all 60 subjects are summarized in Table II. No subject had a S[Mg] [total magnesium concentration in serum] that exceeded the upper limit of the reference range (0.65 to 1.05 mmol/L), whereas 6 subjects were hypomagnesemic relative to [researchers’] laboratory's reference interval. [Mg++]i values ranged from 307 to 901 µmol/L." The value above is equivalent to 0.557±0.097 mM. Ionized magnesium means it is not bound to another molecule and therefore can be biologically active.
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