Stomata Density

Range 5-1000 stomata/mm^2
Organism Plants
Reference Alistair M. Hetherington1 F. Ian Woodward. The role of stomata in sensing and driving environmental change. Nature. 2003 Aug 21 424(6951):901-8. p. 902 right column, bottom paragraphPubMed ID12931178
Primary Source Willmer, C. & Fricker, M. Stomata 2nd edn (Chapman & Hall, London, 1996).
Comments Depending on the species and the environmental conditions stomata range in size from about 10 to 80µm in length (BNID 101757) and occur at densities between 5 and 1,000mm^2 of epidermis (primary source and Fig. 3a). In spite of this wide variability there is a strong and general relationship between density and size (Fig. 3a) for different plant groups (grasses and non-grasses), fossil leaves and for different stomatal distributions on either one or both leaf surfaces.
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