Average heat flow through the earth crust

Value 0.059 W/m^2
Organism Biosphere
Reference Sustainable Energy - Choosing Among Options, Jefferson W. Tester, Elisabeth M. Drake, Michael J. Driscoll, Michael W. Golay and William A. Peters, MIT press, pp. 454
Comments Average heat flow of 0.082 W/m^2 can be calculated by dividing heat loss on Earth 4.2×10^13W (Sclater, John G, Parsons, Barry and Jaupart, Claude (1981). "Oceans and Continents: Similarities and Differences in the Mechanisms of Heat Loss". Journal of Geophysical Research 86: 11 535-552) by Earth's surface area 5.1×10^15m^2 (Sum of values in BNID 100541 and 100542)
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