Number of genes

Value 23131 Unitless
Organism Pufferfish Fugu rubripes
Reference Elgar G et al., Generation and analysis of 25 Mb of genomic DNA from the pufferfish Fugu rubripes by sequence scanning. Genome Res. 1999 Oct9(10):960-71. p.969 figure 9PubMed ID10523524
Method Sequence scanned fragments were analyzed using several ORF prediction programs. Only GeneMark (Borodovsky M, McIninch J. Genmark: Parallel gene recognition for both DNA strands. Comput Chem. 1993 17: 123–133.) gave credible results, and this probably reflects the size, and possibly the quality, of the sequence fragments generated in this type of project.
Comments 22,008 [Ensembl gene predictions] and 29,477 [Genscan gene predictions] given in the Fugu Genome Project link [last updated 25-07-2005]. 38,000 genes given by link
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