Surface Area of Human Skin

Range 1.6-1.8 link m^2
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference The Physics Factbook™ Edited by Glenn Elert Written by his students
Primary Source Bender, Arnold E. & David A. Bender. Body Surface Area. A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.
Method Davis, F.A. Tabler's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. F.A. Davis Company, 1993: "The surface area may be calculated by multiplying 0.007184 times the weight in kilograms raised to the 0.425 power and the height in centimeters raised to the 0.725 power." [Assume a height of 5'8" (170 cm) and a mass of 150 lb (68 kg).]"
Comments "The surface area of adults is about 18,000 cm^2 (men) or 16,000 cm^2 (women)." See BNID 106177, 109707
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