Largest protein size - titin

Value 33423 aa
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Stewart Scherer. A Short Guide to the Human Genome. Cold Spring Harbor, New York. 2008. p.68 table & p.76 table (top row)
Comments P.68 top paragraph: "There are very large proteins in the data set. This leads to mean values that are much greater than the median values. The largest protein is titin, which is encoded by the TTN gene." P.76 top paragraph: "Human proteins extend over a very large size range. The table below presents all genes that encode protein products greater than 5000 aa. A variety of functional types are represented, but many are expressed in muscle." The gene with most axons is also TTN (312 exons, table on p.29 of ref). The largest known single polylpeptide is titin, also known as connectin. Greaser et al, Efficient electroblotting of very large proteins using a vertical agarose electrophoresis system. 2009, PMID 19378061 (abstract) give MW of 3000-3700 kDa for titin. Wiki gives MW 3800kDa
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