Cytosolic NADH/NAD+ ratio in the light

Range 0.0005 at pH 7.2: 0.0011 at pH 7.6 unitless
Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Heineke D, Riens B, Grosse H, Hoferichter P, Peter U, Flügge UI, Heldt HW. Redox Transfer across the Inner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane. Plant Physiol. 1991 Apr95(4):1131-1137 p.1134 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID16668101
Method "Spinach plants were grown in a climatized chamber with a 9 h light/15 h dark cycle and leaves were stopped in liquid N2 after 8.5 h light or 2 h dark."
Comments "From the data of Table IV - link and assuming a pH of 7.2, the cytosolic NADH to NAD ratio in the light is calculated as 0.5×10^-3 which in the presence of 0.6 mM NAD corresponds to an NADH concentration of 0.3 µM. At an assumed cytosolic pH of 7.6, a NADH to NAD ratio of 1.1×10^-3 and a NADH concentration of 0.7 µM is evaluated."
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