Equilibrium dissociation constant of wild-type repressors to lambda OR1 DNA

Value 7.9E-10 M Range: ±4.3E-10 Table - link M
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Nelson HC, Sauer RT. Lambda repressor mutations that increase the affinity and specificity of operator binding.Cell. 1985 Sep42(2):549-58. p.551 table 2PubMed ID3161621
Method Researchers describe ? repressor mutants that bind operator DNA more tightly, and in some cases more specifically, than wild-type repressor. The amino acid substitutions responsible for these phenotypes were obtained by selecting for intragenic, second-site mutations that restored activity to a mutant repressor. These second-site changes were then separated from the primary mutation, and the DNA binding properties of repressors bearing only the revertant changes were studied.
Comments lac repressor at 22°C, 200 mM KCl, reasonably physiological except perhaps for the 5% DMSO. See note beneath table
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