DNA elongation rate in wildtype

Range 749 early in synthesis: 516 to 581 at a later time Table - link nts/sec
Organism Bacteriophage T4
Reference McCarthy D, Minner C, Bernstein H, Bernstein C. DNA elongation rates and growing point distributions of wild-type phage T4 and a DNA-delay amber mutant. J Mol Biol. 1976 Oct 5 106(4):963-81. abstract and p.973 table 1PubMed ID789903
Method Abstract: "The rates of DNA elongation by wild-type phage T4 and a gene 52 DNA-delay am mutant were estimated by pulse-labeling infected cells with tritiated thymidine and visualizing the gently extracted DNA by autoradiography."
Comments 2nd note beneath table: "The rate of elongation in nucleotides/sec [column 8 in table] is obtained by multiplying the values in column 7 by 1.77×10^5 (the number of base pairs in a phage chromosome) and dividing by 60 (to convert to s)." See notes beneath table
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