Permeability of liposome membrane to salicylic acid (SA)

Value 3.55E-07 Cm/sec Range: Table - link Cm/sec
Organism Generic
Reference Thomae AV, Wunderli-Allenspach H, Krämer SD. Permeation of aromatic carboxylic acids across lipid bilayers: the pH-partition hypothesis revisited. Biophys J. 2005 Sep89(3):1802-11 p.1806 table 2PubMed ID15951388
Method Salicylic acid influx into egg–phosphatidylcholine liposomes was monitored at neutral pH via a luminescence based assay.
Comments Value is in right-most column 3rd row from top of table. Permeability of salicylic acid anion (SA-) is 5.4e-9 cm/sec. Please note-Saparov et al., 2006 PMID 16603491 comment that the above permeability value for protonated SA is an artifact and should be 1.2cm/sec.
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