Hydrodynamic diameter of DNA double helix

Range 22-26 Å
Organism Generic
Reference Mandelkern M, Elias JG, Eden D, Crothers DM. The dimensions of DNA in solution. J Mol Biol. 1981 Oct 15 152(1):153-61. abstract and p.157 2nd paragraphPubMed ID7338906
Method Combined measurement of the rotational and translational frictional coefficients of Measurement of rod-like DNA. The rotational frictional coefficient was measured by observing the field free decay of birefringence after orientation in an electric field, and the field induced rise time in birefringence or electric dichroism.
Comments B form DNA, the most common one. DNA B diameter of 20 Å is given in Lehninger, Principles of biochemistery, 3rd ed. p.339
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