Diameter of soma of neuron

Range 22 - 24 µm
Organism Tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta
Reference Tublitz NJ, Truman JW. Identification of neurones containing cardioacceleratory peptides (CAPs) in the ventral nerve cord of the tobacco hawkmoth, Manduca sexta. J Exp Biol. 1985 May116: 395-410. p.401 bottom of paragraphPubMed ID3840521
Method P.401:"Individual abdominal ganglia were dissected from staged animals at various times after pupation, fixed, serially sectioned, and stained with haemotoxylin and eosin. The new MBs [Midline Bilateral cells] were individually identified in the serial sections by soma position within the ganglia, and the diameters of their cell bodies and nuclei measured."
Comments p.401 bottom of paragraph:"Shortly after the prepupal peak of ecdysone (Wielgus, Bollenbacher & Gilbert, 1979) the new MB cells began to enlarge (Fig. 3). This somatic growth continued through the prepupal period and into the first week of adult development, increasing from a larval diameter of 5µm to 17µm at day 5 of adult development. Growth of the new MB neurones was completed by day 8, with a final soma diameter of 22-24µm." Keywords:size,radius,nerve cell,cell body
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